Bikini Waxes Benefits finally acknowledged by Medical Profession

Bikini Waxes Benefits finally acknowledged by Medical Profession

I believe a lot of so called new discoveries can in fact be narrowed down to just simple common logic and sense. You may have heard of the ground breaking news that a Brazilian wax will help to cure public lice, yep I am talking about what is commonly known as crabs in the pubic area. So now we are seeing a number of papers being published showing statistics that the trend of removing pubic hair is the reason that sexual health clinics around the world have seen a massive drop in the number of people suffering from crabs. Common sense really crabs favourite habitat consists of a hairy groin region, removing this environment by waxing equals no crabs. I have included some of the latest tit bits about the subject below.

Pubic lice have been gnawing at our groins since the caveman days. But today, the louse is losing its population at an alarming rate. The reason for the massive die-off? Well, we have to look south for an answer. Far south… to Brazil!


Thanks to bikini waxing, crabs are now endangered | CW39 NewsFix


BRAZIL - Sadly, every year we hear of newer creatures making the endangered species list. The good news? We doubt anybody's going to miss these guys: Crabs! No, not the ones that live under the sea; the one's that live ...


Crabs, or pubic lice, used to be a pretty common thing. They have been an annoying itch for as long as humans have existed, but in recent years, they've started disappearing. In Australia, a sexual health clinic in Sydney reported that it has not had a woman with crabs since 2008, and for males, cases have dropped by 80% in the past decade.

Read more:

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Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub

Tree Hut Shea Sugar Body Scrub, Coconut Lime, 18-Ounce Jars (Pack of 3)

As recomended by my best freind, Mary - This is a great exfoliating scrub. It also has a terrific smell. Many of the reviewers commented on the great way it cleans and exfoliates while still moisturizing the skin. Many of the users loved the way it smelled stating that their husbands noticed the nice smells and smoother skin.
About the only complaints were about the size of the bottle either to small or to big or that the product came in a three pack. But it wasn’t enough to mark it down from five stars. One reviewer even stated she usually bought more expensive scrubs but this far surpassed even those. It did not leave a chemical oily feel when done.
It is hard to argue with such great ratings.

• Smooth your skin with this rich exfoliating sugar scrub
• Made with natural shea nut oil
• Vitamin C and other natural oils soften skin
• Contains coconut and lime extracts

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Waxing at Home Warning

Waxing at Home Warning

Came across this article the other day and it goes some way to reiterate my concerns about waxing at home. Sorry for repeating myself but waxing at home can be easy, as long as you tackle it with common sense.

Treat pain: The waxing pain is temporary. Rub ice cubes or take an aspirin 30-40 minutes before waxing. It reduces the waxing pain.

Do you suffer from waxing blues? How do you deal with it? Share with us. But, if your skin get scars and doesn't go, consult a doctor. Waxing doesn't suit every skin type. Moreover, do not wax at home unless you are well rehearsed with this method of hair removal.

Keep researching and practising and you will be fine just don’t rush into things.


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Waxing at home what not to do with your eyebrows

Waxing at home what not to do with your eyebrows

Eyebrows yes eyebrows we recommend that you don’t wax your eyebrows at home if  waxing at home is your first time.  Obtaining a good shape is very difficult and too many times I have seen the effects that this has had. Just one wrong move and your eyebrow will be no more! This then forces most people to remove the other one! So be very careful if you still want to try, but from our own experience until you have gained a good insight on how to wax at home and are confident then we advise you to stay away from your forehead you will be a lot safer in the bikini area!

Your eyebrow shape is so important to the rest of your face it’s vital in your appearance they define the face and can make all the difference to the way you are represented to passers-by.

Most people use tweezers at home to pluck their eyebrows others will go to a professional salon. However as the price of such a luxury continues to grow,  no thought of the salon owners it’s just that today’s economic crises has caused rents etc. to skyrocket. This means that it expensive to get your eyebrows waxed in a salon and that’s why you can save money if you wax eyebrows at home. Another reason people wax at home is because it will save time, you don’t have to book appointments and travel to and from the salon.

Therefore more people are turning to waxing at home which is fine for most parts of the body but again I just wanted to point out the risks of taking off too much hair and ruining your eyebrows in the process . Please don’t get me wrong you can wax them at home but please take it easy and don’t forget patience and practice makes perfect eyebrows!

Here are my tips for waxing eyebrows at home

Number one waxing eyebrows at home tip

Shape your eyebrows first so you have a shape to follow there are kits available that help your learn how to shape your eyebrows. I suggest having them done professionally so you can then use the same template when you wax at home.  Remember that if you have a fuller face eyebrows should be a little thicker to help give the appearance of slimming down the face.

Number two waxing eyebrows at home tip

Be careful OK! so I said it again sorry! This time I am talking about applying hot wax around the eye area! Loads of people end up burning themselves!

Numbers 3 waxing eyebrows at home tip

Clean and sanitize any tools and equipment you use, you don’t want to end up with an infection!

Today there has been a massive improvement in the products that you can buy to help you get the best results for waxing your eyebrows at home. For example there are products that do not use hot wax. To help you get a better idea of what’s available take a look around my site - until next time enjoy waxing at home, but be careful if your going to try waxing your eyebrows :-)


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I think you will like this… Veet Easywax Electrical Roll-On gets our best product vote

Veet Easywax Electrical Roll-On gets our best product vote

The advertising jargon in the UK say that the Veet Easywax Electrical Roll-On gives salon results in the comfort of your own home so waxing at home went and bought one!

I think you will like this... Veet Easywax Electrical Roll-On gets our best product vote

I think you will like this... Veet Easywax Electrical Roll-On gets our best product vote


First impressions have been very good!

There has been a push from the product company to show customers that seven well known bloggers in the UK also gave this the thumbs up

Here are the ones that we had 100% agreement with and as always we like to share any downsides.

I did this little roadtest on Monday. Today it is Thursday and when I reach down and stroke my leg I'm pleasantly surprised again, because it feels as smooth as it did straight after the trial. If I'd shaved my legs as normal, I would have got the razor out at least once between then and now, if not twice. So if the effects last a week, Veet EasyWax has already proved itself to be worth having by doing the job for me in one go with more lasting results. I'd be more than happy to do this on a Sunday evening before I do my nails and hop into bed. And being someone who tends to treat life like a race, I quite liked the way this girly gadget forced me into a bit of 'me' time: it broke an old stress-induced habit - always a good thing, especially as repetition is supposed to be one of the first signs of madness. Read more at thelegroom. blogspot here

Heres the other review that highlights pros and cons

So pros and cons time!


1) The unit is easy to use, just plug and and it’s ready. No mess unlike with pot waxes which I generally can’t be bothered using.

2) It gets the wax to the best temperature so no burning yourself or guessing if something is too hot.

3) It spread the wax very neatly and in a uniform way, and the right amount.

4) The finish is very clean and it was good for my sensitive skin too.


1) It takes 20 minutes to warm up and needs to stay plugged in, therefore you need to have the time and the electricity to use it!  You can’t quickly whip off some strays with this.

2) The unit and refills could add up to more than buying waxing strips (depending on how many strips you use per session. I can use 1 strip sometimes, one side per leg).

3) Takes a bit of getting used to when rolling, it can feel somewhat heavy in the hand, and the roller might feel like it’s dragging.


Overall this is a cool gadget (I believe Nair have a roll on wax too but it isn’t heated) and it genuinely does spread the wax in a way that isn’t possible to do with a spatula at home (unless you are Arezoo, of course). Therefore if you are one of those people who religiously waxes or goes to the salon a lot and you’re finding it costs too much, this could definitely be part of your monthly routine. The finish is really smooth, better than with a normal wax strip. Read the full review at cosmetic-candy here



Click the photo on the left to see the latest customer reviews

Moving on to the nuts and bolts for the Veet Easywax Electrical Roll-On: Is it easy to use?  You just have to follow seven easy steps.

  1. Insert a refill pack into the product
  2. Plug the electrical cable into the device and in the socket. The red light turns on to confirm the device is heating. The device takes 20 to 25 minutes plus to reach the correct temperature that will allow you to apply the wax.
  3. Apply the wax with the product the roller head is in contact with the skin during application to allow the roller to glide over the skin.
  4. Then you quickly place the strip over the layer of wax.
  5. Hold your skin taut to avoid discomfort. Holding the bottom of the strip, very quickly and in one swift motion, pull the strip back on itself against the direction your hair grows.
  6. When you have finished waxing, remove any wax residues from your skin with a perfect finish wipe
  7. Finally unplug the device. It’s going to be hot so allow it to cool down before removing the refill from the device and that’s it obviously there more detailed information that comes with the Veet but this quick bullet point list should give you a good idea of the easy process.

You can but at a discount at Amazon


Veet easywax electrical roll-on kit price

This product just goes to show that it is possible to wax at home if you have the right equipment. Also for our UK friends we can tell you that Amazon UK are selling the Veet  at 24.99 compared to the shop price of 29.99

Customer reviews are still coming in as the product is still relatively new here’s a happy customer:

I bought this product hoping it was going to be as good as a salon wax machine but at a snip of the price and I wasn't disappointed. I did have to leave it for longer than the twenty minutes recommended to heat the wax up but once it was hot enough it spread easily. It's so quick and easy and much more effective than the cold wax strips I had been using for a while. The only thing I will say is that I did leave it plugged in whilst using it to keep the wax at the right temperature, says in the instructions you can do this, but the chord was very short making it hard to reach some fiddly areas. Also don't get caught into thinking that you can wash any wax residue away, water does not NOT dissolve it so make sure you get it off with the strips. Overall an easy and effective way of hair removal in the comfort and privacy of your own home, would definitely recommend it.

Learn more about the Veet Easywax Electrical Roll here

Lets take a look and see if there's any news about the item at time of writing this post and yes featured in one of the UK's best selling newspapers is an artice that recommends Veet Easywax Electrical Roll-On under the heading: THIS WEEK'S BEST BEAUTY BUYS!

Daily Mail. Beauty confidential Supermodel Erin O'Connor's beauty secrets. Daily Mail. Arezoo recommends the new Veet EasyWax Electrical Roll-On Kit 29.99 available in stores nationwide It has a self-heating electrical wax system with a roll-on applicator that makes it ideal to use at home. This year Avon celebrates the 20th and more.…Beauty confidential Supermodel Erin O'Connor's beauty secrets Daily Mail

Enough said check out the Veet Easywax Electrical Roll Now!

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Veet Cold Wax Strips Makes Waxing at Home so Easy

Veet Cold Wax Strips Waxing at Home Review

No doubt you have seen Veet products advertised on the TV and in your local shops. The company has been a major name in depilatory products with something like 80 years in the business. They are experts in creating waxing products that can be used in the home and are becoming very popular around the globe.

Today we look at one of their product that appears to be a good solid all-rounder and has received countless positive reviews from various surveys and polls. Veet Cold Wax Strips is the product in question the strips are ready to use all you have to do is warm the wax strips between your hands which is so easy to do. You then simply apply and remove, well that’s what the adverts say and we are happy to report that they are right!

The Veet Cold Wax Strips how do they work

There are 5 basic steps to follow:

1. Warm the wax strips by rubbing them between your hands.
2. Pull the strips apart.
3. Apply the strip to your skin.
4. Pull the strip back on itself against the direction of hair growth.
5. Remove any excess wax.

What's in the Veet Cold Wax Strips Box?

You get 40 Wax Strips and six Perfect Finish Wipes.

Features include:

  1. Removes hair closer to the root for smoothness that lasts up to four weeks.
  2. Salon-like, full-size strips are ready to apply within seconds
  3. Easy Grip tab provides the best waxing technique for perfect results
  4. Ready-to-Use Wax Strips with HairCoating Technology acts like liquid upon application, locking and removing hair as short as 1.5mm.
  5. Contains Almond Oil and Vitamin E to leave skin feeling moisturized

Customers Reviews

According to, the customer reviews for the Veet Cold Wax Strips are good to qualified (good but with an issue or two), with a number of customer problems listed in the less positive reviews.

To sum up there was 67 Reviews including 26 at 5 stars and 12 at 4 stars however there were 19 at 1 star with the majority of the disappointment focused around customers saying that “It hurt and left my skin sticky which was very hard to remove”

Veet Cold Wax Strips the positives

On the positive side the good news was very good! Like this happy customer:
If you don't mind the pain of waxing, then these wax strips are great! They actually hurt less than the sugar wax that my family previously used, plus there is no worrying about keeping the wax the right temperature, putting on too much or too little, and all the mess that normally accompanies waxing.
And, more importantly, these are much more effective! We had much better luck getting out all the hair, with much less breakage. I think these are the perfect at home waxing solution. They left our skin sooo smooth! Be sure not to use the towelettes until you are all done waxing because they are very oily and you don't want that on your skin while still trying to wax.
And this one:
I have tried a number of waxes, both cold strips and hot wax, and these are my favorite by far. They worked really well on everything I tried them on. And, as an added bonus, when I cut them to get more precise lines, the strips were just as effective. There is some sticky residue, but the enclosed wipes get rid of that pretty quickly.
The only downside for me is that when the box says 40 strips, it means 20 double sided strips, which I did not anticipate. Other than that, a good, cheap effective product.

Veet wax Strips

Veet Cold Wax Strips the Negatives

Now as you know we want you to locate the best product that suits you and we are happy to report that I used this product and obtained excellent results. Having said that I believe that I can see why there were some unhappy bunnies.

From my own experience I would say that the product was not used correctly time and time again we say read the instructions.

If you do this you will read this “pull the strip back on itself against the direction of hair growth very quickly and in 1 swift motion, keeping the strip as close to your skin as possible.Hold the skin taut to avoid discomfort”

Hold the skin taut are the magic words!

Do we recommend Veet Cold Wax Strips?

Yes we do, why? Because they WORK! Just follow the instructions to the word. The price is also a factor, they are amazing value and can be purchased at amazon with 27% discount!

Check out the latest Discount at Amazon

As always we try to bring you the latest about any of the waxing at home products we discover and look what's in the news today:

What's your desert island beauty list? "Hmmm, I think I'd keep it super natural if I was stranded. I'd want some sunscreen, a good moisturizer, and my Veet Ready to Use Wax Strips—a girl's gotta be ready for a rescue!"

Allure Magazine blog Cheryl Burke Talks Tanning and What It's Like in the Hair Makeup Chair at DWTS Allure Magazine blog Another beauty secret I picked up use Veet Read-to-Use Wax Strips the day before you spray tan. Your skin will stay smooth for up to 28 days and it makes for the most even application Take us through the process of getting ready for the show. and more.…Cheryl Burke Talks Tanning and What It's Like in the Hair Makeup Chair at DWTS Allure Magazine blog

Cheryl Burke Talks DWTS Tans and More. BellaSugar. Fun insider beauty secret I picked up as the Veet spokeswoman their wax strips give the perfect silky canvas for a smooth spray tan application. Just be sure to wait 24 hours after waxing before getting a spray tan. BS Dancing is a great workout. and more.…Cheryl Burke Talks DWTS Tans and More BellaSugar


Locate more information about Veet Cold Wax Strips here!



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Waxing for men

Waxing for men


As an introduction lets jump straight in and look at Brazilian waxing for men! Today's man hates excess body hair as much as women do and thats a fact so waxing for men isnt strange its the norm.

Waxing for men

The old tale that only gay men get waxed is as ridiculous as saying does jerry hall have a party dress! To learn more about the history of Brazilian waxing for men then read our article male brazilian waxing history

Waxing for men, now don’t be shy we know that men wax and they need it more than us girls!  Areas that require waxing include: the full body, ears ( yes ears) eyebrows, chest, backs, underarm, forearms, bottoms,  swimwear line and I hate saying it but most people in the waxing business use it back, sack and crack there we go.

Waxing for men

Waxing for men at home is it as easy for men than women? It depends on each person’s own situation, however we recommend that waxing in this sensitive area will require help and if you want to wax at home then you are best to get a partner or friend involved.

As always we want you to have the best experience so save up and go and get your first Brazilian done at a salon. This will give you a greater understanding of the process and with this knowledge you can decide if you could do the same process at home or not.

Men waxing

As you can see from the basic info above waxing for men isnt taboo. Waxing is just a basic beauty treatment, years ago only body builder and athletes would want to remove their hair, but now most men want to get rid of unwanted body hair so it has become the norm.

You can see just how popular waxing for men is getting just by looking at the current news for example:

It's no secret that we're down with manscaping. After all it's nice when guys aren't so damn hairy down there. But a new guy-trend is on the rise that we're on the fence about men are getting bikini waxes.…Men Waxing Brazilian Waxing for Men Cosmopolitan

Perfect another trend piece about the death of pubic hair This time men are getting Brazilian waxes.…Men Are Getting Brazilian Waxes Now

So you can see that male waxing is all the rage and nothing odd or uncommon however given the choice would you go for it?


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