Best Top 10 Waxing at Home Videos

In our endeavours to help you get the best from your waxing at home adventures we have listed below our top ten waxing at home videos. We hope that after watching the videos you will be inspired enough to start trying to wax at home.

I love waxing at home

The first video is called “How to Wax Your Bikini Area” it is 3 minutes and 13 seconds. You can complete the same process at home with the help from a friend. The video contains a lot of good information so listen to it carefully for example “hold the skin very tight to avoid bruising” “if the hair is longer than a quarter of an inch then trim”!

Best Top 10 Waxing at Home Videos – number 1

Second video is called “Waxing Unwanted Hair” its 6.52 minutes long and is a fun video by a very funny girl with great facial expressions. Contains great info about owning your own waxing kit and she shows you how to use it. This girl could be a star in her own right – and don’t make the wax to hot!

Best Top 10 Waxing at Home Videos – number 2


Third video is called: “D.I.Y Hair Removal Wax With Honey and Sugar” It’s a vid about making your own wax for less than a few dollars it’s a short but informative vid at only 2.18 minutes long. It contains some good tips on saving even more money. The vid is focussed on eyebrows and provides a good idea on the process.

Best Top 10 Waxing at Home Videos – number 3


The fourth which we have already featured is 10.47 minutes long and is included here as it’s still a good source of information the presenter is fun to watch and funny yet informative. It's called “At Home Bikini Waxing

Best Top 10 Waxing at Home Videos – number 4


The fifth explains why wax is not expensive and is called “Waxing! What you need to know” The presenter provide 9 minutes and 41 seconds of great info and shares her experiences. The vid shows you exactly what you need to wax at home and again the presenter tells you that you will save money if you try to do it a home.

Best Top 10 Waxing at Home Videos – number 5


The sixth video is called “How To Wax At Home: Underarm” although its more commercial it shows you a secret method on how to wax at home and is by Cindy Barshop, owner of the country's number 1 hair removal spa, Completely Bare, you should also watch the prep video here first ( The sixth video is here

Best Top 10 Waxing at Home Videos – number 6


Our seventh video is called “Women Shaving Legs, Waxing & Hair Removal, and Interesting Facts Rachel” We like this as its filled with some amazing facts for example a women spends approx. 23,000 dollars in a lifetime just to wax your legs.

Best Top 10 Waxing at Home Videos – number 7


Our eighth video is called “Armpit Waxing at Home--It CAN Be Done!” and shows you how the presenter buys a eight dollar wax kit from the supermarket and tries it out in front of you and shows you how effective waxing at home can be.

Best Top 10 Waxing at Home Videos – number 8


The ninth video is called “I HAVE A SECRET! Hard Wax Demonstration and Information” and is quite long at 11 minutes and 16 seconds. The presenter shows how you can wax your armpits with hard wax after watching this you may prefer to use waxing sheets!

Best Top 10 Waxing at Home Videos – number 9


The last video is called “How To: At Home Waxing” and shows GiGi wax warmer in action and explains the difference in price between an on and off button and a heat setting control that gives you more control over the temperature.  This video contains one of the best visual demos on what materials you need when waxing. The vid runs for 8.47 minutes

Best Top 10 Waxing at Home Videos – number 10

For your information all of the videos can be located at we hope you enjoyed our top ten and gained some useful information.


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GIGI Wax Warmer is Clean & Easy to Use

GIGI Wax Warmer is Clean & Easy to Use

After doing the review on the Gigi Honee Combo deal which includes: Honee wax, large 14 ounce container with dozens of applications,100 muslin strips,100 wood applicators for applying the wax. I got asked to add a further review with the focus on the Gigi Wax warmer - so your wish is my command. I also found a video that may provied you with a little more help.

The 120-volt Gigi Wax Warmer is an electric warming device that will accommodate almost every brand of wax container for the customer desiring waxing at home.  This unit keeps the wax heated at the optimum temperature for thirty minutes, has a transparent clear plastic cover to allow the customer to see the wax, a temperature control so the consumer doesn't get burned, and an indicator light to know when the wax is ready.  For a client who has spent hundreds at the beauty shop paying for waxing every two or three weeks, this is a bargain for waxing at home in the privacy of your bathroom.


Features: GIGI Wax Warmer

  • Clear see-through plastic cover allows consumer to keep the wax sanitary and free from dust or debris
  • Thermostat controlled heat to prevent burns
  • Allows 8 ounce and 14 ounce cans of wax products
  • Accommodates almost all brands of wax
  • Uses 120 volts for the American consumer
  • Indicator lights to denote when wax is at optimum temperature
  • Keeps wax hot for thirty minutes, ample time for beauty regimen


GIGI Wax Warmer has over 50 4 and 5 star reviews so the customers are very happy with this product.  There were a few minor complaints; two customers received the European plug instead of the 120 American plug.  When they contacted Amazon a new unit was replaced at no expense.  This was obviously a manufacturing error in shipment as Amazon does not advertise the European model in their product choice.  One customer stated the unit dripped wax; this customer incorrectly inserted melted wax directly into the product instead of using canister wax as the directions required.

Want the Lowest Price?

The majority of the reviews were excellent.  Customers raved about the ease of use and the opportunity for a salon and professional result while waxing at home.  Many customers acknowledged how inexpensive it was to purchase this unit and supplies.  The complete home privacy while waxing is an advantage that cannot be mentioned enough times as many customers prefer waxing at home to leaving and making an appointment, disrobing in a shop, and feeling exposed to other consumers in a public setting for such a private matter.  Many customers reported on the ease of clean-up and lack of drips and mess with this unit.  The drop-in wax holder and canister prevents drips and dribbles and can be tossed when the waxing is completed for the day.  Other models require wax blocks that are to be melted into a pot that has to be washed and dried.

Get More Information

Customers remarked the refill products were readily available and were happy they were not limited to one particular brand or product.  Consumers liked the choices they have for waxing products with or without perfumes or dyes or extra lanolin, etc.  Many customers stated they had saved so much money buying the Gigi Wax Warmer and products that the initial purchase was less than one bikini waxing at the salon.  This is an excellent product and a great consumer value for the customer desiring waxing at home.

Get Your GIGI Wax Warmer For Less

The videos below show the GIGI Wax Warmer and gives you a good view of the Warmer.

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Top 10 waxing at home tips for beginners

Top 10 waxing at home tips for beginners

Image via Flickr

Top tip for waxing at home number 1

At waxing at home we recommend that you don’t wax at home for the first time. Yes of course you can wax at home, but we believe that you should watch a professional first. You can then pick up more tips and information, learn as much as you can about the methods used for bikini and under arm areas. Ensure that everything you use for waxing is very clean!

Top tip for waxing at home number 2

You can exfoliate to remove dead skin but do this gently in the shower, by removing dead skin the wax will find the shorter hairs.

Top tip for waxing at home number 3

Go slow slow slow and not quick quick slow. Beginners don’t rush things this rule normally applies to all new skills. As they say less hast more speed.

Top tip for waxing at home number 4

Pain can be a big issue some people recommend taking pain killers an hour before you wax. We do not recommend this just take things slowly and learn first….. Only fools rush in.

Top tip for waxing at home number 5

Once you start waxing you will then find you get into a routine and find that over time your hair will grow back after a few weeks. So make a note in your schedule to make sure you have everything you need for your next waxing – just add any items to your shopping list so you don’t get caught out.

Top tip for waxing at home number 6

Hair length the hair needs to be at least a quarter of an inch long, don’t let it grow to long as it will hurt.

Top tip for waxing at home number 7 - The Don’ts

Don’t tan before having a wax, tanning harms the skin and when you go and put hot wax on it, it only makes things worse and before you know where you are you will be covered in bruises and scabs!

Don't apply any form of toner or cleanser before you wax as this will make your pores close up and the hairs will be difficult to remove.

Don't use ice, some people think that this will numb the skin but in fact it only tightens the pores and again the hairs will be difficult to remove.

Don't drink alcohol before you wax, thinking that a few glasses of red will help you relax. The alcohol can make the skin feel more sensitive, drink water instead and have a glass of wine after you have had a successful wax to celebrate!

Don’t wax while you’re on your period. Many women are sensitive to pain at this time of the month so play safe and don’t wax


Top tip for waxing at home number 8


After waxing you can apply oil to help remove the remaining bits of wax. Baby powder may also help if the skin feels irritated. Many people advise not to shower or bath as wetting can sometimes cause infections. To be on the save side wait a good 12 hours after a wax


Top tip for waxing at home number 9


Research the products and read the instructions, if you don’t follow the instructions you can hurt yourself. So read and follow the directions carefully! When your ready test the product on a small area of your skin.


Top tip for waxing at home number 10 we are going to repeat tip number 1


Don't think waxing at home will be easy it’s a skill and you need to learn like anything else in life. Practice makes perfect. Our recommendation before you wax at home is go and visit a professional and watch him or her. Talk to them, make notes, and listen to their advice and product recommendations.

Waxing: Do It Yourself (Beauty & Grooming Guru)

Home waxing kits have become a staple in medicine cabinets all over the country. But if you're going the do-it-yourself route, there are a few things you'll need to keep in mind. See More:


I've added a video to an @YouTube playlist At Home Bikini Waxing

Sunday, March 18, 2012 11:14:30 PM

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Gigi Honee Combo is the Real Deal

Gigi Honee Combo is the Real Deal

The GiGi Honee Combo Economy Wax Warmer offers a wax preparatory machine that melts wax to the optimum temperature for waxing at home. This 120-volt multi-purpose product houses most all wax containers and brands and will melt all the wax formulas. One of the primary advantages of the Gigi Wax Warmer is the easy clean-up and sanitary condition of the wax. Gigi Wax Warmer comes equipped with a see-through clear plastic lid that allows the consumer to see when the wax is melted and ready for use. This same transparent top keeps out moisture, dust and debris so the wax is sanitary and uncontaminated. The enclosed wood and muslin strips are pre-measured for ease of use to place across eyebrows, the top lip, etc., without having to mess with scissors or have a large drippy spoon to clean.

Features: for The GiGi Honee Combo Economy Wax Warmer

• Temperature controlled wax warmer
• Indicator light for heating
• Includes Honee wax, large 14 ounce container with dozens of applications
• Includes 100 muslin strips
• Includes 100 wood applicators for applying the wax
• Includes instruction booklet
• 120-volt American connector

The GiGi Honee Combo Economy Wax Warmer is well received with over thirty very positive customer reviews. The overall rating for this item is 4.5 starts. There were a few minor issues with the unit; one customer thought the applicator sticks were too flimsy and the muslin strips too small. Another customer mentioned the wax was overly sticky and prefers a cream wax instead. Gigi offers more than one waxing product but the Honee wax is the included product in this combination package. All of the consumers noted hot wax is a sticky application and suggested using baby oil or olive oil to wipe over the skin for excess wax removal.

Get More Information

Many of the customers who purchased this item are beauty shop professionals and use it at home and in their place of business. Often the consumer keeps this unit powered on for 8 or more hours at a time with no short, burn-out, or overload of the electrical system. Customers noted that as the wax level decreased in the container that less heating time was needed to keep the wax warmed.

Check Today’s Low Price

Many customers stated this was a great product that would last a long time, give professional results, and offer the convenience of waxing at home for ultimate privacy. The included waxing kit gives complete instructions on how to wax and what to do to prevent burns or chafing. Customers were very satisfied with the bargain price of this unit and the savings they had from not having to purchase this service each month from a beauty professional. Several consumers noted they used this unit daily for hours in their beauty salon and were happy with the quality and value. Some customers stated they had this Gigi Wax Warmer for over four years and only replaced it when it was destroyed by a fire or flood in the shop. This product is an excellent buy for the do it yourself waxing at home customer.

Get Your  Gigi Honee Combo For Less

Dont forget the combo deal Includes Honee wax, large 14 ounce container with dozens of applications,100 muslin strips, Includes 100 wood applicators for applying the wax.

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Best at Home Waxing Products

Best at Home Waxing Products

Best Sellers for Waxing at Home

 GiGi Professional Brazilian Waxing Kit Number One Best Seller

The Kit includes all this :Wax Warmer With Cover, 14 oz. Brazilian Body Hard Wax, 2 oz. Pre-Epilation Oil, 2oz. Post Wax Cooling Gel, 10 Large Accu Edge Applicators, 10 Small Accu Edge Applicators, 10 Petite Applicators, 1 Brazilian Waxing Instructional DVD.

Why is this kit number 1 in our top ten waxing at home sellers?

It’s easy to use but as you know we like to give it to you as it is! If you have a high pain freshold then you should have no problems doing the waxing yourself, although at first you might find it messy. However, if you’re think it’s going to be painful especially if it’s your first time then get some help from a friend. Now don’t forget this kit comes with a DVD which is great for beginners as it provides an excellent guide. The other main factor for giving this kit the number one spot is that it really does help you save money by waxing at home.

The Top Ten Waxing at Home Products

  1. GiGi Professional Brazilian Waxing Kit
  2. Gigi Natural Muslin Strips Large 100 Pack (3" x 9")
  3. Moom Organic Hair Removal Kit, Tea Tree, 6-Ounce Package
  4. GIGI Natural Muslin Roll
  5. Surgi-wax Brazilian Waxing Kit For Private Parts, 4-Ounce Boxes (Pack of 3)
  6. GiGi All Purpose Honee, 14-Ounces
  7. GIGI Brazillian Body Hard Wax
  8. Satin Smooth Waxing Starter Kit
  9. GiGi Mini Pro Waxing Kit
  10. Nair Hair Removal Kit, Microwave Wax for Legs, Body, and Bikini Area, Fresh Peach Melon (Pack of 2)

The top ten above shows the top best sellers from Amazon that will help with waxing at home. To see more information about each product and read the reviews just click the product description above. We believe that the list of the top sellers will help you gain a feel for the best product manufactures and the ones that are the most reliable, which should give you the confidence to start waxing at home.

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No no Hair Removal Unit

No no Hair Removal Unit

Waxing is still the preferred method if you want to ensure that you have smooth skin without any stubble. However, many new products are coming onto the market that tries to replicate the process one such product is to use a laser, the down side on this is that it is expensive. And we at waxing at home want to find the best products that you can use in your home! An alternative to laser is the device known as No No hair, there has been a big campaign going on around the world mostly on Television. We even added a press release about the product to our site some time ago. So does the No No hair system work? To give you a better understanding take a look at the videos below the first one is a commercial for TV and the second is an actual user

If you watched the videos you will see that No no Hair Removal Unit does appear to be easy to use but it does require a little time and quite an investment. Having said that it is possible to pick No no Hair Removal Unit up at Amazon with around a 35% saving.

The device is easy to use for the bikini line, legs and face the device main selling point is that it should over time dramatically decrease the amount of hair on your body and the time it takes for that hair to grow back.

How does No no Hair Removal Unit work

It does look like a razor but in fact there is no actual cutting tool instead the device transmits heat that decreases the rate of growth on the hair.

Top Pros that are normally advertised for No no Hair Removal Unit include:

  • It’s small and compact so easy to place in your handbag.
  • No real skill required to use it.

Top Cons include for No no Hair Removal Unit

  • Results are not immediate.
  • In the beginning stages of using the device, coarse hair will still be left over and may require that you also use a razor in the early stages of use.

Our own research has shown that the product does not provide you with the best results when compared to more traditional waxing at home products. However we have found that many people have said that it does provide a reasonable alternative to laser treatment. One review even went as far to say “I have had laser hair removal on this area in the past but it is expensive, and it only worked ok, not great. The nono actually works better than laser hair removal did for me. It is easy and fast to use, and less expensive than laser hair removal.” There were also others that thought the product had been badly represented by reviewers and went on to say things like “If I would have read the reviews here before I bought the nono, I wouldn't have purchased it, but this is one of those rare times where I'm actually glad I didn't. I've given the product 4 stars”

Our recommendation is to stick to well-known and relied upon products, however, if you want to try No no Hair Removal Unit then make sure that you get the 60 day money back guarantee and if the product doesn’t work for you then you will get a full refund.

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GiGi Professional Brazilian Waxing Kit

The Gigi Professional Brazilian Waxing Kit features everything needed for a professional level waxing job, including applicators, instructional DVD and gels for pre-epilating and cooling afterwards; it also includes the real value of the product, the Wax Warmer unit. The Gigi Brazilian Hard Wax is the same wax used in salons, and is of the highest professional quality available in a home kit.

The Wax Warmer is perhaps the best value included in this product, since it reduces rock hard salon style wax to an easily applied gel-like substance. The overall results are superlative and, as the name promises, professionally achieved every time.


This product offers the following:
• 1 Wax Warmer
• 14 oz Brazilian Body Hard Wax 14oz
• 10 Large Accue Edge Applicators, 10 Petite Applicators
• 10 Small Accue Edge Applicators, 2oz Pre-Epilating Oil, Cooling Gel 2oz
• GiGi Professional Brazilian Waxing Kit also contains a Professional Brazilian Hard Wax System DVD.   Which is in English & Spanish

The Reviews
According to, the customer reviews for the GiGi Professional Brazilian Waxing Kit are almost uniformly excellent, and most strongly in favor of its wax warmer. This little beauty is considered the “best thing about the product” since it keeps the wax at a regular temperature and does not overheat, which most customers are thankful for.

As well, the gels are “a lot more effective at making the experience painless . . . it hurts SO much less when you use them properly . . . I definitely recommend this kit” said one customer. Overall positive impressions abound from people who have had similar experiences and found the Gigi a good frame of reference: “I have gotten Brazilian wax jobs in salons before and cannot speak enough to the benefits of hard wax over strip wax . . . overall, a great kit . . . fantastic wax! This product made it so easy . . . did not hurt as much as a salon visit.”

Overall customer satisfaction is high. The happy tone of the preponderance of reviews indicates a satisfying and enjoyable experience.

However, we would be remiss if we didn’t point out a few negatives: “Gels were a bit messy (I had no idea what I was doing and it took a long time) . . . painful (duh) although it works . . . the post-wax cooling gel actually burnt a bit . . . you have to sort of pick the wax off, and a wax remover would help.”

Suggestions for improving the kit included “more applicators would help . . . there is definitely a learning curve to using this kit.” This dissatisfactions were minor, and limited to the lack of applicators and the level of difficulty (these customers may have been impatient and not viewed the DVD).

For a great wax just follow the instructions on the DVD. We are sure that you will agree that this is a great waxing kit that will make you a waxing at home expert. You can see more information by clicking here

Buy GiGi Professional Brazilian Waxing Kit at Amazon


Based upon high customer satisfaction and the consistently positive nature of their reviews, the Gigi Professional Brazilian Waxing Kit can be recommended as an excellent bargain at Amazon’s price. The Gigi Professional Brazilian Waxing Kit is found at under Beauty. Customers have rated this kit at 4 ½ stars out of 5, priced at $49.95, a discount of $14.55 from its $64.50 list price.

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